Mar 31, 2014 - HELPFUL HINTS    No Comments


Everyone has points they’d like to hide – a few extra pounds, bags under the eyes, etc.

Here’s some pointers sure to keep things hidden.

1.  Lose weight – stand-up straight.  Standing up straight can make the appearance of losing 5-10 pounds in an instant.

2. Color – an instant face-lift.  Wearing dark colors can make you thinner, while light colors can add a few pounds.

Learn your face shape and color accordingly.

3. Size matters – It actually hurts your internal organs when you squeeze into clothes that are too small.  Find your size and own it!

4. Breasts and Hips – Remember the rule of Color.  If you want something to look bigger, wear lighter colors to accent it.
If you want to make it look smaller, wear darker colors.

5. Always wear things you like and recycle the rest.  Thinking is half the battle and if you think something looks awful on you,
chances are you will wear it bad and feel it all the time you wear it.  Your toss off may be another’s treasure so recycle to the homeless,
the missionary barrel or to someone who thinks it’s awesome.  Both of you will benefit.

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