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When it comes to a holiday spread or, perhaps, a party of friends, cheese trays are an easy accompaniment for appetizers and snacks.

Here’s a tip to take them over the edge and be the talk of the party.


Use the cookie cutters of any shape (leaves for fall, footballs for the SuperBowl, bunnies for Easter – you’re only limited by your imagination!)
Use them to cut the cheese…er, on the table that is!  OR

Coarsely chop (if your cheese isn’t already grated) and place in micro-wave safe measuring cup (or melt fondue style on the stove…)
When cheese is melted and pourable, pour into the candy molds.

Refrigerate for about 20 minutes to set.  Remove from the molds by flexing the mold.

Cheese is a dairy product.  You’ll want to refrigerate it until serving.

Remember, type of cheese and pattern of cookie cutter or candy mold is only limited by your imagination.  HOW CHEESY!!

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