I love the sight of fall.

It’s fun to watch the green leaf
As it turns red, orange, yellow or brown.
There is the nicely stacked golden grain sheaf
And the bright orange pumpkins sitting all around.

(PHOTO COURTESY OF: www.westford.com/fingerhut/Vermont.htm)


Fall Foilage

I love the smell of fall.

There’s the pleasant smell of leaves as they burn,
And the fragrant smell of flowers about to turn.
There’s a freshness to the wind and rain
As it pounds against the windowpane.

I love the fall.

It is the best of the seasons.
Besides, I can’t think of reasons
Why not to like autumn
Except that there’s more rain than sun.

Fall is the greatest time of year
So let’s celebrate while autumn’s here,
And forget about the winter near
And the bad weather that brings the colds we fear.

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