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Anonymous Boobs

I was reading through the news yesterday and noticed this piece on the Kentucky National Guard women posing nude (232 photos of them mind you) with guns and military equipment and dog tags?First of all, why do these things always show up ‘anonymously’? The newspaper who received it acted like al-jazeera tv when it receives a message from Bin Laden. Somebody knew to get it to a newspaper. But that isn’t my point. Nothing about this was anonymous.Â

And I love this…it was the Kentucky National Guard. One of the women was “modest” enough to wear her uniform…

Now I don’t know how many soldiers you know, but right on the uniform is the soldier’s last name. Therefore, SHE wasn’t too anonymous. Not very bright either…probably not the one you want driving the truck on YOUR convoy. (It was a quartermaster’s guard unit. Truck driving highly probable.)

And all of them were wearing their dog tags. That’s great…they needed to do that because they were allowing themselves to be TREATED LIKE ANIMALS!!

But what bothered me most about all of this and why I believe there should be ‘BOOB’ awards, was Marsha Weinstein, former executive director of the Kentucky Commission on Women. She said and I quote “it would be hypocritical to punish women involved when there is a ‘long history of male soldiers posting pin-ups in their lockers’ and of the U.S. military flying in female sex symbols to entertain mostly male troops.” I don’t think these women should be court-martialed.”


How does a woman posing nude in such manner equate to a male soldier posting a pin-up in his locker?  How does that equate to having a Marilyn Monroe or Jessica Simpson (who get paid to professionally entertain troops AND be sex symbols) equate to these women posing nude?

In the military, soldiers MUST do what they are told! So my mind sees a situation here wherein SOME soldiers were exploited for the benefit of OTHERS in like manner as that whole Navy thing in Las Vegas called Tail Hook.Â

BUT NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Somehow these women are assumed punishable first and upon THAT assumption, they are exploited FURTHER by the BIGGEST BOOB IN KENTUCKY, QUEEN BOOB HERSELF who says they were just acting like a man. HUH?Â

Women…God gave ya boobs so ya didn’t have to BE one!!

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