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Delete Delete Delete

Computers are supposed to make everything in this era easier, but there’s a lot about the computer that I just find annoying…

like the fact that when I buy one, I don’t have a choice about what operating system to put on it. Oh, no, I have to go through the work of deleting and now installing a new operating system. And I always worry about what I’m doing…those instruction books in multiple languages are completely worthless…I wish they’d concentrate on getting the English language version merely translated correctly. How many French, German or, in some cases, whatever other languages are there actually purchase the computer in this country and use the booklet here? It’s just a company convenience so that they don’t have confusion for the workers in the warehouse putting English only computers in the French language only section…after all, the English and the French never get along and the computers might mysteriously come up with a memory loss on the French side.

I think whoever put together the politically correct gramar checker on Microsoft Word should be reschooled in freedom of speech. How nice to have a re-education tool right at my fingertips. I have no choice of words if I use the grammar checker…say I am writing a novel and wish to tell you that the policeman did thus or such…this checker will actually tell me that (and I quote directly from the CLIP) the word may be acceptable in some situations, but I should consider a word choice that includes both men and women. HUH? What if I don’t want to…will the CLIP grade me down?

And how annoying is that CLIP GUY anyway…I think we’ve honestly lost our ability to pursue happiness by having the force of convenience thrust upon us…After all, I would certainly be much happier saying policeman…that would be my pursuit… but noooo, Clip conveniently tells me the proper choice…for the good of society…I mean, what if I were keeping a private diary on my computer…and I really said what I felt about life….and here comes CLIP GUY…with his incessant ahem attitude to tell me how I can think and feel….where’s the delete button when you need it…and why doesn’t it work on HIM??!?

I tell you what would be really nice…having a delete button to carry around with you for all the times you could use one in real life…

Traffic on the 405 Sepulveda corridor – delete
Bad day at work attitude – delete
House not clean – delete
Kids acting up – delete
Don’t like the spouse – delete

If only life were so easy…delete delete delete…

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