Nov 19, 2007 - SERIOUSLY.... ?    No Comments


I heard a rumor about this new rabbi…Jesus…can you believe this? JESUS was ALONE with a SAMARITAN WOMAN of questionable reputation at the WATER COOLER???!

oh c’mon now…we have to have a temple meeting and run this guy out of Samaria…I’m sure he could be REFORMED if we sent him up to some little church in BETHANY for awhile…oops!! guess Bethany’s not such a good idea either…heard there’s some women there that actually SIT AT HIS FEET???! Wait, come to think of it, Judas was telling me the other day about yet ANOTHER woman of questionable reputation that actually BOUGHT EXPENSIVE perfume and came into the middle of the BUSINESS MEETING and broke it on his feet and USED HER HAIR TO DRY THEM???!


And I heard it was Myrrh, too. That stuff’s expensive…how could she go and do that…


Geesh…what’s next from this guy…dinner with the tax collector?

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