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Turn Off and Tune Out

Have you noticed that most restaurants and coffee bars, elevator waiting areas and any place that you might be held mortally captive for a few brief moments have recently been or are in the process of being wired up with a plasma screen television? Why is that, I wonder? Is it Big Brother looking to watch us? Is it 1984 beginning benignly with up to date sports scores and stock tickers or is something more sinister about to occur. Ah, that must be it…the rush on to view the GOP battle the Dems in the general elections OR the mere possibility of a plasma minaret calling Americans to pray to the gods of consumerism?Â

I think the real Minority Report here is advertising. Can’t get enough of it on your cell phone, the Internet, the television, EVEN PlayStation and XBOX are experimenting with ads…our senses are in overload as the corporations who are already not paying us what we’re worth to work for them so that the jobs we could have are ending up in India, Thailand, or China attempt to take the very last pennies of our paychecks…leaving us truly paupers since their fees aren’t already steep enough…they don’t pay their personal assistants..we do. It’s called an Overhead Fee.

I don’t adopt children from Africa. Why should I when I have perfectly good mothers willing to get here illegally and have anchor babies so that I have to pay the fees for raising them with my ever higher taxes. I figure I’m already supporting 3 children.

These days, we even have ads within ads like the TVs with the picture within a picture. You try to watch the news and underneath the anchor, they’re running a scroll line with other news headlines you feel compelled to attempt to pay attention, too. I think it would be easier if news anchors were ugly…then it would be easier not to pay attention. And how about when they run the sport’s scores as a scroll bar moving in the opposite direction of the headline scroll-bar and the stock-ticker….how can one honestly absorb all that information at the same time?

I never thought I’d rewrite the advice of someone like Timothy Leary, people, but please…reclaim your sanity – turn off and tune out the corporate invasion!


Live on the edge…buy what you WANT not what you’re PROGRAMMED to need .

OK, I feel better…think I’ll go school shopping for one of my anchor babies…has the TOYS R US Big Book come out, yet…I think I NEED to find me a Malawian baby to adopt for Valentine’s Day…he should look quite good on the mantel….

1 Comment

  • What!?! Only support three??? I feel I’m doing FIVE, at least [not including my own]! 😯 😯 😯