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Wanna Pay Me?

It always amazes me the time and effort and even money that some think tank will put into a study to tell us something we already know on a subject that we couldn’t care less about.
For instance, did you see this study about women and plastic surgery? Specifically, women who get boob jobs…well, turns out that the women who get boob jobs suffer from low self-esteem, poor body image and some forms of treatable mental illness.

I COULD’VE TOLD YA THAT!! Wanna pay me?

Like Fox’s THE SWAN didn’t teach us anything….

so I began to think about some other stupid studies that had been done in the name of the advancement of humanity and boy! did I find some whoppers….

so global warming is quite the topic these days, never mind that weather patterns are cyclical and they have been going on since the beginning of time (and we’ve undergone ice ages and as a race survived) since before cars were invented…

apparently, farting is the problem…cow farts, sheep farts and NFL fan farts. Just eliminate cheese, dairy and beans from the human population and grass from the animal population and global warming will decrease…or so the survey says…but no one’s suing the farm community…oh no!! we’ve got to sue the auto manufacturers instead…never mind that agricultural husbandry and farming have been around since the inception of time….

No, China is the source of all the greenhouse gases…why is it no one ever blames them…most favored nation…is that like no one blaming your dear old Uncle Billy when he rips off with a big one, because he’s everyone’s favorite uncle, so we ignore it? Yep, the rice paddies are causing it. 10% of the world’s greenhouse gases are caused by the rice paddies in Asia.

Once again, I COULD’VE TOLD YA THAT!! Wanna pay me?

I kinda don’t see the staple diet of the Far East changing too soon, though…the way things are going, I kinda see an opportunity to invest in the commodities market…how much is rice going for these days?

Here’s an idea…since no one actually wants to live in Mexico, let’s transport all the people out once and for all…ends that whole illegal immigration thing…and make Mexico a rain forest. Solve 2 problems at the same time.

What I really want to know is…what does California have against low-end cars? I notice in their global warming lawsuit against 6 auto manufacturers that Hummer wasn’t one of the ones being sued. In fact, neither was Jaguar, Ferrari, or Bentley…nope…and neither was Porsche, BMW or Audi or Volkswagen…don’t they also contribute to greenhouse gases in California…? Makes ya wonder…

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