Serves 12.

2 Unbaked Pizza Shells
1/2 cup Olive Oil
2 cloves minced Garlic
1/2 teaspoon Oregano
1 teaspoon Sea Salt

Mix Olive Oil, Garlic, and Oregano.
Spread on the pizza shells.
Sprinkle with salt.

Bake at 425 degrees.  Length of time depends on type of shell used.

Cut into wedges and serve warm.

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Materials needed:

  • A scrap of fabric – approximately 6″ by 12″ Batting – approximately 6″ by 12″
  • Thread
  • Potpourri – apple and cinnamon scent works great

(Note: If you fabric is light weight and the dishes are apt to be very hot, use cotton batting. Polyester batting is more likely to melt.)


Cut your scrap of fabric in half to make two six inch squares. With the right sides together, seam three sides (1/2″ seam allowance).
Turn so right side of fabrics are out. Cut your batting in half to make two six inch squares. Seam three sides (3/4″ seam allowance).
Trim the seam to 1/4″.
Stuff a small amount of potpourri between the batting layers.
Seam the remaining side and trim the seam allowance.
Stuff the batting into your fabric pocket.
Turn the edges of the opening under 1/2′”.
Topstitch near the edge.

Tips for Your Scented Hot Pad

Vary the potpourri scent to your family’s favorite.
Vary the size to fit under your larger casserole dishes.
Topstitch all the edges for a slightly different effect.

(This was taken from a piece printed in a .pdf I have, unfortunately, there is no copyright information to cite)

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Chamomile flowers can be found at any herbal or health food store.

This may look weird on your face, but the feeling you get when you touch your skin after using it ….  MAH-velous.

1 tbsp dried chamomile flowers
1/4 cup boiling water
2 tbsp bran
1 tsp clear honey, warmed

In a bowl, pour the boiling water over the chamomile flowers.
Let stand 30 minutes.
Strain the infusion and discard the chamomile flowers.
Mix 3 tbsp of the liquid with the bran and honey.
Rub this mixture all over your face.

Ignore the stiff feeling.  It will smooth out over your skin.
Leave on for 10 minutes.
Rinse off with warm water.

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Epsom salts just not enough for you?  Over doing it in the exercise or honey do department?
Try this to relieve suffering in joints and muscles!
It helps stimulate the circulation.

2 tablespoons almond oil
2 drops lemon grass oil
2 drops coriander oil
2 drops clove oil

Measure the almond oil carefully into a small dish.
Slowly drop in all the other essential oils.
Mix the ingredients all together.
Turn on bath tap.
Pour ingredients into bath while water is running to fill bath.
Rinse dish under the running tap to insure all the oils have gone into the bath water.
Take a long, relaxing bath.

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Softens and Moisturizes

1 tsp beeswax
1/4 teaspoon honey
4 tbsp almond oil
4 tbsp rosewater

Put the beeswax, honey and almond oil in a glass jar standing in a small pan of hot water.
Stir until melted and blended.

Stir vigorously while pouring in the rosewater.
Take the jar out of the water, and continue to stir gently until the mixture has cooled.