Dec 20, 2007 - OF DRAGONS AND HORSES    4 Comments

ABC Girl


Mongolian ponies…everywhere. Filly was amazed at how short they were, yet how sturdy. The ponies filled the school along with goats, snakes and monkeys. All of them studying something. Read more »

Nov 21, 2007 - OF DRAGONS AND HORSES    3 Comments

The Yellow River

Once again, the Fiery Filly found herself packing. Well, she never really unpacked, but her saddlebags were rearranged and she was on the move again to her final destination within the Dragon’s Lair. This time, she was travelling with Monkey and instead of flying, they were going to ride on a boat up the Great Yellow River. Read more »

Nov 12, 2007 - OF DRAGONS AND HORSES    1 Comment

Wide-Eyed Welcome

It was dark when fiery filly came down from the sky and landed in the Southern Pearl of the Dragon’s Lair. Wide-eyed she looked around at all the new exotic things and the different smells before being hailed by a sprite little monkey. Read more »