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Horses With Wings

Before long, the Great White Mustang had gathered a small herd of horses in like manner as the filly. They had come from Sunset Meadow and many other meadows like it and the Great White Mustang had called after horses of all ages to come with him on his journey to the Dragon’s Lair. Read more »

Chance Of A LifeTime

The filly’s mare looked after her longingly as she watched her head out through the fence break in Sunset Meadow after the Great White Mustang. The fiery filly turned to face her mare one last time before breaking the fence completely:

It’s a chance, momma. The chance of a lifetime and chances are what life is made of. Read more »

The Ride of Her Life

The fiery horse at Sunset Meadow would often run to the end of the pasture fence and dream of flying. Her head had been filled with the bedtime adventures of the great winged horse Pegasus who rode Zeus over the sky whilst he cast lightning bolts to earth. But alas, the limited fences of Sunset Meadow were the most adventure the filly would skirt until one great day when a storm made a break in the fence. The herd had a meeting. The fence break was examined. And then, whilst the herd debated about the break, something wonderful happened. Read more »

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Pure Gold

Once upon a time, at the edge of the world where the sun rises, lay sleeping a great dragon. The dragon was very large and very old.

On the other side of the world where the sun goes down, there came a joyous celebration when a fiery horse was born. Read more »