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May 28, 2008 - SERIOUSLY.... ?    No Comments

Out of Control

So I’m from a small town in the MidWest. I used to sing ‘I’m dreaming of a White Christmas’. Then I moved to LA and learned a White Christmas isn’t necessarily everyone’s dream…and if it is, we’re definitely not talking about Christmas snow!

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May 5, 2008 - SERIOUSLY.... ?    No Comments

All About The Service

Customer service is only customer service if the customer is doing the service. Everyone these days is out to cut costs and save a buck, but I often wonder how much are we saving really? I mean, does it really cost less to call India in order to talk computers? Read more »

Mar 25, 2008 - SERIOUSLY.... ?    No Comments

Wanna Pay Me?

It always amazes me the time and effort and even money that some think tank will put into a study to tell us something we already know on a subject that we couldn’t care less about. Read more »

Feb 26, 2008 - SERIOUSLY.... ?    1 Comment

Fee This!

Funniest thing happened to me this morning…my alarm went off and I got up begrudgingly…like everyone…don’t we all get up unwillingly? Except those happy, cheery morning people…but I’m suspicious of them…all cheery and rubbing it in our face that you’re not…forcing things like coffee on you….too much pressure after that dream that I wanted to continue…yeah, you know the ones…why is it that those always get cut short and those nightmarish ones never seem to end no matter how you try? Read more »

Feb 8, 2008 - SERIOUSLY.... ?    1 Comment

Turn Off and Tune Out

Have you noticed that most restaurants and coffee bars, elevator waiting areas and any place that you might be held mortally captive for a few brief moments have recently been or are in the process of being wired up with a plasma screen television? Why is that, I wonder? Is it Big Brother looking to watch us? Read more »

Jan 9, 2008 - SERIOUSLY.... ?    2 Comments

Time Peace


Today, I’m in a mood to fix things. I decided to use some old plans I had found on the Internet awhile ago to build this time machine so I could go backwards in time on a humanitarian mission. Read more »

Nov 19, 2007 - SERIOUSLY.... ?    No Comments


I heard a rumor about this new rabbi…Jesus…can you believe this? JESUS was ALONE with a SAMARITAN WOMAN of questionable reputation at the WATER COOLER???! Read more »