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Nov 5, 2007 - SERIOUSLY.... ?    No Comments

Got Milk?

So according to all the surveys and polls, single people far outnumber married people. Wow!! People reaching those milestone anniversaries are kinda like flying pigs…rare.

The American dating process is so messed up because of our consumption attitudes that it is most easily likened these days to one of those soda bottle contests. People think the odds are spelled out ahead of time (1 in 4 wins). They think they know what prize they’re after (free 32 oz bottle of soda) and in one twist of the cap, they know whether or not they got the prize!

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Nov 3, 2007 - SERIOUSLY.... ?    5 Comments

Like Heaven, A Gated Community

Everyday on my way home, I pass a billboard advertising a condo/town home community which says the community is “LIKE HEAVEN – A GATED COMMUNITY”. This prompted me to think about this statement and its validity and even discuss it further via email and other interests. The answers and observations I received were very fascinating. Participation in this discussion is very welcome. Read more »