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Filly began to notice something everywhere she went. Scars! Everything in the Dragon’s Lair was sooo old…it was hard not to be confronted with the lines of age on everything. Evidence of the age of the Dragon’s Lair was everywhere, from the population to the buildings to the very foliage that was all around. The very thought of this awed filly for she came from a very young place and everything about where she came from was flooded with the idea of youth. Read more »

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Counting in Chinese

Once upon a time, when filly was very young back in Sunset Meadow, her parents had taken her to see the great Austrian Lipizzaners Dancing Horses. They were so majestic and beautiful and exuberantly expressed life through dancing. Read more »

Jan 9, 2008 - SERIOUSLY.... ?    2 Comments

Time Peace


Today, I’m in a mood to fix things. I decided to use some old plans I had found on the Internet awhile ago to build this time machine so I could go backwards in time on a humanitarian mission. Read more »

Dec 20, 2007 - OF DRAGONS AND HORSES    4 Comments

ABC Girl


Mongolian ponies…everywhere. Filly was amazed at how short they were, yet how sturdy. The ponies filled the school along with goats, snakes and monkeys. All of them studying something. Read more »

Nov 21, 2007 - OF DRAGONS AND HORSES    3 Comments

The Yellow River

Once again, the Fiery Filly found herself packing. Well, she never really unpacked, but her saddlebags were rearranged and she was on the move again to her final destination within the Dragon’s Lair. This time, she was travelling with Monkey and instead of flying, they were going to ride on a boat up the Great Yellow River. Read more »