Nov 6, 2007 - OF DRAGONS AND HORSES    3 Comments

Horses With Wings

Before long, the Great White Mustang had gathered a small herd of horses in like manner as the filly. They had come from Sunset Meadow and many other meadows like it and the Great White Mustang had called after horses of all ages to come with him on his journey to the Dragon’s Lair. Read more »

U Might Be If……..

I was raised among a religious sect known as the Independent Fundamentals {fundamentalist for short}. While everything on this list applies to them (hey, it’s kinda like growing up Jewish or Mormon), there are some that will, like the Redneck jokes, be a laugh for everyone. Enjoy!!
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Nov 5, 2007 - SERIOUSLY.... ?    No Comments

Got Milk?

So according to all the surveys and polls, single people far outnumber married people. Wow!! People reaching those milestone anniversaries are kinda like flying pigs…rare.

The American dating process is so messed up because of our consumption attitudes that it is most easily likened these days to one of those soda bottle contests. People think the odds are spelled out ahead of time (1 in 4 wins). They think they know what prize they’re after (free 32 oz bottle of soda) and in one twist of the cap, they know whether or not they got the prize!

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My Visit With Grief

(This poem, one of my first, was originally written in November of 1978 when I was 12 years old.)

Here I stand, just on the verge of tears
When just a day or so ago, Grief came to visit me.
He brought with him what can be plainly seen
Three kids, who could care nothing for their inheritance mean;
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Chance Of A LifeTime

The filly’s mare looked after her longingly as she watched her head out through the fence break in Sunset Meadow after the Great White Mustang. The fiery filly turned to face her mare one last time before breaking the fence completely:

It’s a chance, momma. The chance of a lifetime and chances are what life is made of. Read more »

Nov 3, 2007 - SERIOUSLY.... ?    5 Comments

Like Heaven, A Gated Community

Everyday on my way home, I pass a billboard advertising a condo/town home community which says the community is “LIKE HEAVEN – A GATED COMMUNITY”. This prompted me to think about this statement and its validity and even discuss it further via email and other interests. The answers and observations I received were very fascinating. Participation in this discussion is very welcome. Read more »

The Ride of Her Life

The fiery horse at Sunset Meadow would often run to the end of the pasture fence and dream of flying. Her head had been filled with the bedtime adventures of the great winged horse Pegasus who rode Zeus over the sky whilst he cast lightning bolts to earth. But alas, the limited fences of Sunset Meadow were the most adventure the filly would skirt until one great day when a storm made a break in the fence. The herd had a meeting. The fence break was examined. And then, whilst the herd debated about the break, something wonderful happened. Read more »